Asbestos free brake linings


ZBL-19 is an asbestos-free brake lining material with metallic inclusions and very specific friction modifiers. The material is a development for original equipment first application on heavy vehicle brakes. Specific attention has been paid to the wear characteristic of ZBL-19 when used in a designated environment. The material with its medium to high friction coefficient has a very good density and thermal stability.
Technical data:
Friction Co-efficient                             0.370.41
Density                                              2.002.15 g/cm3
Hardness                                           60100
HRLIgnition Loss                                2531%
Swell                                                 Max. 1%

Recommended operating:
Max. Peak Temp.            450
Max. Continuous Temp.   225
300may be considered for extended brake application-long descents etc.
Typical applications for this material are truck, trailer and bus specifically for"Q"type brakes.
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